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Author: Kenny Lucas

November Remembrances

In November we said farewell to the following beloved pets: Bernard Stevens, Mowgli Siddall, Duncan Tiller, Shadow Bruning, Sadie Kowtna, Susie Q Curry, Ginger Frank, Alex Dunsmore, Luigi Puglisi, Buddy Harris, Chewy Hogerty, Katie Nissen, Jack Collins, Shea Gilmore. All will be remembered fondly.

Holiday Pet Food Drive

With the first lunch of leftover turkey and stuffing sitting safely in the SGAC work fridge, I suppose it’s safe to assume that the holidays are upon us. That means it’s time for lights, music and, my own personal favorite — ┬átelevision commercials featuring luxury cars with big red bows driving through a lot of…
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Canine Anarchy in the RVA

So, we spend most of our days endeavoring to help you solve your furry friend’s medical and behavioral problems. After one such day I returned home and was sitting with my wife waiting for my brain to shut off. Then I encountered an audacious case in my own house. For your reference, the gimpy, grizzled…
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September/October Remembrances

In the months of September and October we said goodbye to the following special pets: Snickers Micoletti, Sienna Johnson, Skidder van Beveren, Sophie Hood, Heidi Spruill, Charlie Aldridge, Chance Wood, Callie Kush, Peaches Klus, Lily Davies, Finnegan Jaros, Mario Newman, Gracie Hornaday, Silver Bell Spagnolo, Chloe Juresko, Darla Lyon, Sunshine Jacobson, Custer Gasperini, Clementine Lloyd,…
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Can You Train To Say Goodbye?

It’s strange to say that the hardest part of our job is often the one that has the most forseeable outcome. Yet the process of euthanasia, from the decision to the procedure, can tie all of us in knots. Quite honestly the choice can sometimes be a blessing; a way to end suffering that we…
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July/August Remembrances

Hi all, The summer ended with the passing of some very special companions. We remember the following pets and hope their memory continues to bring joy. Sampson Carlson, Mustache Bornholdt, Missy Quick, Champ Remus, Hope Cervilla, Toes Garland, Lee Ann Rice, Lucky Scholle, Caillou Wilton, Teddy Newbill, Murphy Sharpe, Fletcher Wade, Ripken Deusebio, Drake Holland,…
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June Remembrances

June saw the passing of the following beloved pets: Henry Linham, Darcy Westermann, Merit Gorse, Shelby Alpert, Maximus Edwards, Candie Otto, Precious West, Sadie Harris, Sadie Tindall, Tyco Eldridge, Babs Holicky, Brianna Robertson, Scout Stauffer, Clio Davis, Belle Lloyd, Sherman Royal, Hans Solo Johnson, Anita Diaz, Tiki St. John, Jazz Keating, Chase Freedlander, Sampson Carlson,…
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May Remembrances

In May we said goodbye to the following cherished pets: Caragh Towey, Bear Heath, Dori Lee Livernois, Sweet Pea Langberg, Lexie Mitchell, Lucky White, Sasha Thurman, CeCelia Kolokowsky, JJ Dale, Gabby Warren, Rocky Nicholas, Tobias Bruning, Maggie Tittermary, Ralph Rajappa, Jacob Meyer, Buz Calvaneso, Chloe Braine Tillem, Pie Wallace, Juliet Watkinson, Cleo Ackerman, Muffin Copenhaver,…
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Delray’s Day

Delray has a quick message for you all. Click here to see what she’s so excited about.  

April Remembrances

In the month of April we said goodbye to the followed beloved pets: McKinley Miles, Sadie Beligotti, Ashton Wooden, Scarlett Walters, Addie Smith, Jeb Fisher, Brinkley Preston, Frosty Prettyman, Ebie Butler, Punkin Ryan, C-Jay Stratton, Sambo Burns, Zeke Glover, Hunter Donehey, Jeter Born, Winston Urwin, Lou Lou Guretsky, Tutoo Slifka, Katie Byrd, Marley Sutton, Harley…
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