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Author: Kenny Lucas

The Magic Wand

So last week, I heard our receptionist Erin call to the back “Can somebody please come up front and wand this dog?” For some reason the whole scenario struck me as funny. In a period of about 90 seconds I imagined a Labrador going through a TSA checkpoint and getting busted trying to smuggle a…
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We remember

The hardest part of our jobs is saying goodbye to our friends whom so many people have called family… This month we fondly remember Doswell Hughes, Big Ed Bornholdt, Buddy West, Cavedo Beach, Sammy YMCA, Orange Wood, Ginger Krais, Sport Richeson, Avon Powell, Maggie Quarforth, Maggie Fitzgerald, Homer Morris, Patches Noren, Minnie Kelley, Missy Snipes,…
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How Free is Grain-Free?

The world of pet nutrition is a vast and often confusing universe. All of us want to provide our furry family members with the best nutrition possible, and you’d better believe that those companies marketing pet food understand this. Thus, in recent years commercials, magazine ads and pet food packages have been splashed with buzzy…
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Gesundheit! The Canine Reverse Sneeze

The hope for this site and this blog is to serve as a point of information for you, our clients and friends. Ideally, we can use these pages to help you understand complex issues of veterinary medicine. Today, however, this post has a bit more of a self-serving purpose. Today we want to discuss the…
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Future Family Members

Watch this space for animals in search of a good home.

Welcome to the new SGAC web site!

Hello! After several months of planning, SGAC’s cyber-presence has undergone a face lift. This new site arrives with the goal of improving how we can interact and communicate with you — our friends and clients. We hope the site will provide you with practical information for your pets, insight into the day to day activities…
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