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The Chart

March/April Remembrances

In the last two months we said goodbye to several beloved pets. They include: Mac Stevens, Spook Muscolino, Gizmo Casey, Toby Berkowitz, Sibo McKenna, Sam Hapgood, Lexie Wagner, Lucy Stuckey, Toby Hall, Madeline Davies, Nena Coqueta Liceaga, Zachius Elliott, Hallie Elliott, Marley Gonzalez, Oliver Lubin, Sophie Emerson, Sierra Barzel, Topaz Sly, Killian Guarino, Moses Diatelevi,…
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January/February Remembrances

In January and February we said goodbye to the following treasured pets: Jack Cowie, Exley Thornton, Teddy Apelt, Skittles Hu, Roxie Dawson, Amber Pearsall, Barney Harris, Dassler Philyaw, Jingles Jerina, Roscoe Cohen, Sadie Steveson, Abbie Steveson, Duke Morgan, Rambler Muscolino, Andy Parker, Charlie Barber, Kit Jay, Marble Jay, Nala Gordon, Addison Magorian, Lizzie Herkins, Hunter…
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November/December Remembrances

The end of the year saw the passing of some very special pets. Shady Grove Animal Clinic remembers the following: Shay Bennett, Finnie Schmidt, Jasper O’Leary-Saunders, Lola Mowery, Chance DeFranco, Taz Hinton, Izzy Sheridan, Doodles Hoffman, Rascal Barr, Willie Wilson, Bruno Lehmann, Lance A Lot Thorpe, Bigfoot Fallacaro, Opal Tiller, Nietzsche Abreu, Brandie Samp, Sampson…
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September/October Remembrances

In the past two months we said goodbye to the following cherished pets: Nikko Gross, Ace Ash, Sebastian Saggese, Calli D’Alessandro, Niki Stabler, Cody MacAllister, Gabby Crews, Cooper Alexander Flemming Riposo, Butler Wiltshire, Moo Gillespie, Lisa Gerstenschlager, Lavender Grubb, Cruiser DeBolt, Bella Bade, Libby Giordano, Sable Aronovici, Annie Bishop, Joy Rieder, Kodi Parker, Lily Hastings,…
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August Memories

In August we said goodbye to some very special pets: Matsi Barber, Carini Reese, Tally Owen, Prancer Stone, Jake Beike, Toona Goranson, Zeus Clark-Marshall, Francis Krause, Pip Squeak Rubadeau, Maggie Salyers, Faith Snowberger, Maverick Penley, Allice Prillaman, Mao-Mao Wang, Turner Blythe, Mini-me Douglas, Gracie Sharp, Sumpin Else Tracy, Knight Warren, Callie Warren, Ladybug MacKay, Duchess…
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June/July Remembrances

Shady Grove Animal Clinic fondly remembers the following pets who passed in the months of June and July: Tavi Hopkins, Busta Jack Harris, Cassie Agee, Beauty Mark MacAllister, Celtie Decker, Jackson Davis, Lucy Vaden, Elsi Parrish, Grady Tuck, Baxter Thompson, Pooch Petit, River Cloud, Turk Holloway, Fedex Larson, Bailey Calvert, Scarlett French, Princess Palazzo, Grady…
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May Remembrances

In May we said farewell to the following beloved pets: Reba Langdon, Barkley Potter, Elvis Johnston, Sly Caldwell, Misty Griffith, Laney Cleveland, Toby Thomas, Casey Patelski, Paisley Spelbring, Chat Benson, Nikki Miller, Bear Bene, Hannah Chambers, Pearl Cantor, Maggie Gerkin, Koby Roberts, Edgar Nielsen, Zoey Stewart, Baron Presley, Zeke Brett, Wilford DeBell

Important Information Regarding the Canine Influenza Vaccine

Recently we were alerted that some Richmond, Virginia area boarding facilities will be requiring all dogs utilizing their services be vaccinated for the canine influenza virus. It should be noted that canine influenza has not been reported in Richmond and not all kennels are requiring this precaution. To better serve our clients Shady Grove Animal…
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April Remembrances

In April we all said goodbye to the following treasured pets: Caramel Prasad, Muggins Bornholdt, Daphne Young, Rowdy Nelson, Happy Frick, Max Reid, Tucker Tuck, Louie Conley, Piggy DeBell, Bear Edwards, Tornado Craig, Heckle Wilkes, Panda Watkins-Kennedy, Molly Fogarty, Marmelade Hernandez, Checkers Bowman, Arthur Thorpe, Haley Miller, Phoebe Rambo, Yogi Tsuchiya, Travis Strauss. They will…
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Welcome to ePetHealth!

If any of you have visited the clinic recently, you’ve noticed that we are updating e-mail addresses and collecting cell phone numbers. This is all part of the integration of an exciting new data system called ePetHealth. This web based modality will allow Shady Grove to contact you to confirm appointments and send reminders via…
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