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The Chart

Canine Behavior and Training

By Lori Elliott The science of dog behavior and training has made significant advances in recent years. In the past, people were taught to dominate their dogs, to be the “alpha”, and to abruptly and physically correct inappropriate behaviors. The use of shock collars, prong collars, choke chains and physical force was the norm for…
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March Remembrances

In March we said goodbye to the following beloved pets: Tazzie Satterfield, Fletcher Obeck, Kelly O’Sullivan, Raven McKnight, Gino Richmond, Kenzie Mewhirter, Winston Craig, Heidi Winderweedle, Liara Tubbs, Mitzi Richards, Gizmo Chappelle, Sissy Seredni, Luigi Mir, Peanut Langdon, Sid Jarrett, Trowa Presley, Tinker Elliott, Cayman Lubin, Sandy Santos, Shadow Taylor, Mabel Flickinger, Peanut Dehnel, Misty…
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February Memories

In the month of February we said goodbye to the following beloved pets: Lucy Brooks, Mona Clarkson, Darcy Durham, Ella Shephard, Belle Jensen, Mattox Hart, Whiskey Reese, Zoe Roth, Dixie Rybarczyk, Tyi French Wingfield, Gibby French Wingfield, Duke Emiston, Stella Shaver, Bess Langdon, Jingles Howle, Frisco Schoenblatt, Gray Alpert, Boomer Edwards, Kitty Cat Barr, Sara…
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Just a Typical Day at the Office

It’s well known that we at Shady Grove Animal Clinic count dogs and cats as the majority of our patients. Sure we see a pocket pet or two, but most our exam room denizens bark or meow. So imagine the excitment when last week Bruno, the DeBell families newest addition, neighed and then tipped our…
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Xylitol Poisoning — The Not So Sweet Facts

Written by Jim DeBell, DVM An emerging source of toxicity is the artificial sweetener xylitol. To enhance the taste of many human consumables, xylitol has become a cheap and frequently utilized sugar substitute. Most recently it has been added to peanut butter, which is seemingly a staple in most households for hiding the taste of…
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January Remembrances

In January we remember the January passing of the following beloved pets: Fisher Billmayer, Jake Nichols, Pearle Davies, Atticus Grady, Jill Wax, Annabelle Garrett, Mr. Bambini Marsh, Rusty Paulson, Lilo Braine Tillem, Midgee French Wingfield, Pif Matveyev, Abby Fowler, Paris Horsley, Casey Erhart, Ruby Berdux, April Schmid, Rupert Hall, Nibbles Gasperini, Calli Ashbrook, Missy Tipple,…
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December Remembrances

As we usher out the year 2015, we remember the following beloved pets that we said goodbye to in December: Kiki Fryling, Sammy Carlson, Dino Belcher, Willy Aichner, Nemo Snyder, Angie Crew, Zelda Griffin, Carly Canada, Major Hyams, Mischief Gradwell, Stuart Johnson, Snoop Dehnel, Ferris Morgan, Abby Harris, Lucky Banu, Gypsy Derby, Burrito Apelt, Blade…
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November Remembrances

In November we said farewell to the following beloved pets: Bernard Stevens, Mowgli Siddall, Duncan Tiller, Shadow Bruning, Sadie Kowtna, Susie Q Curry, Ginger Frank, Alex Dunsmore, Luigi Puglisi, Buddy Harris, Chewy Hogerty, Katie Nissen, Jack Collins, Shea Gilmore. All will be remembered fondly.

Holiday Pet Food Drive

With the first lunch of leftover turkey and stuffing sitting safely in the SGAC work fridge, I suppose it’s safe to assume that the holidays are upon us. That means it’s time for lights, music and, my own personal favorite — ┬átelevision commercials featuring luxury cars with big red bows driving through a lot of…
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Integrative Medicine at Shady Grove

It sounds cliche, but we are always looking for techniques with which we can help you care for your pet. Sometimes this involves phone calls and research. Sometimes it involves veering from the beaten path of what has worked in the past. And sometimes it simply requires returning to school to learn a new skill.…
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