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Canine Anarchy in the RVA

Canine Anarchy in the RVA

So, we spend most of our days endeavoring to help you solve your furry friend’s medical and behavioral problems. After one such day I returned home and was sitting with my wife waiting for my brain to shut off. Then I encountered an audacious case in my own house. For your reference, the gimpy, grizzled one who has decided he no longer needs to abide by house or natural law is nearly 15-year-old Kirby. The smaller one who seems to be sitting in stunned silence/awe because he still cares what we think is two-year-old Tiller. This all occurred right in front of our eyes – no subterfuge, no waiting for our backs to be turned. At least my kids raid the pantry when I’m not in the room.


Kirby’s Treasure Hunt




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  1. Lori L. Pound says:

    Too funny!

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