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Chemo Day

Chemo Day

This is Delray. Late last year Delray was diagnosed with lymphoma — one of the more common canine cancers seen in our clinic. The words lymphoma, cancer and chemo are cold, scary words, and all of us involved with this sweet girl were saddened at the news. That sadness, however, quickly turned to resolve. Lymphoma, although not curable, is manageable. Through a variety of treatments our canine companions can enjoy months and sometimes years of happy, healthy life.

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Everyone feels better with flowers!

Chemotherapy can take a variety of forms, each of which comes with their own caveats and precautions. Before beginning any therapy, we reach a quick, solemn agreement with the pet and their family members — our patient won’t feel unduly sick or scared by treatment. Toward that end on chemo days we ask our patients to come with a supply of savory treats and toys that they can enjoy before and after treatment. Delray and her adoring family have more than obliged.

Delray's chemo bag has all of her favorite things!

Delray’s chemo bag has all of her favorite things!


On her first day of treatment, a bouquet of flowers arrived a the clinic — for Delray. On her birthday she came with a Frostypaws to celebrate. And every treatment day, Delray arrives with her fashionable lunch bag that contains sealed containers with chicken and rice, popcorn, chew bones, her favorite stuffed animal and a ball. Delray eats some of her treats during her treatment and then bounces with excitement when we lead her back to her run to polish off the rest. She is doing well and we plan to keep her that way. Thanks to her loving family, Delray’s chemo days bring smiles to the faces of patients and caregivers alike.

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