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We’re Not Chicken

We’re Not Chicken

There is no ordinary day at SGAC. We once had a technician carry an injured deer fawn into the clinic. Then there was the cat that had become stuck in a log, necessitating a frantic scramble for a hacksaw so that we could free the poor thing. And of course, I once came back from vacation to find the entire contents of my office relocated to the clinic bathroom. I think that falls under the category of “hazing” more than clinical experience, but whatever…

The point is that the variety of cases and conditions that walk through our door keep us energized, on our toes and often running for our reference books. Recently Dr. Elliott, who raises several chickens, has been helping a handsome rooster named Romeo who suffers from a bad case of bumblefoot. Bumblefoot is an infection that lodges inside a chicken’s foot creating a painful swelling. Typical treatment includes cleaning out the infected tissue, providing antibiotics and keeping the area clean.


After several surgical debridements, Romeo’s feet had improved, but were still not healed. Looking for another remedy, Dr. Elliott and Dr. Garland found that acupuncture had been used to help fight bumblefoot. Together they researched the procedure, and with the benefit of a very cool rooster performed several sessions. Romeo is still on the mend, but he’s getting better every day. Chicken acupuncture — not something I remember hearing about in vet school.

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