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Grain Free Diets and Heart Disease — Pet Owner Resources

Grain Free Diets and Heart Disease — Pet Owner Resources

Recently, the FDA released a third statement on recent investigations into a possible link between grain-free pet foods and heart disease in dogs. This correlation is not yet conclusive, and much work remains, but we want to help keep you abreast of the work.

At Shady Grove, we have never recommended “grain free” as a necessary part of a diet. Certain pets with gastrointestinal or dermatological issues have been placed on single source protein diets that also happen to be grain free. If your pet is one of these cases, we can discuss the pros and cons of such a diet. The links below may also serve as guidance. Otherwise, we do not recommend a grain free diet for any pet without special dietary needs. The following links have good information on this topic, and pet nutrition/food in general.

FDA statement

CVCA (veterinary cardiologist) guidance statements

Tufts University Vet School Nutrition Information