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January/February Remembrances

January/February Remembrances

In January and February we said goodbye to the following treasured pets:

Jack Cowie, Exley Thornton, Teddy Apelt, Skittles Hu, Roxie Dawson, Amber Pearsall, Barney Harris, Dassler Philyaw, Jingles Jerina, Roscoe Cohen, Sadie Steveson, Abbie Steveson, Duke Morgan, Rambler Muscolino, Andy Parker, Charlie Barber, Kit Jay, Marble Jay, Nala Gordon, Addison Magorian, Lizzie Herkins, Hunter Courtright, Cooper Baxa, Sooner D’Angelo, Chico Lemco, Max Weaver, Duke Studebaker, Champ Phillips, Jazzy Hodge, Mia Whitehead, Chloe Capps, Rayma Cosby, Willis Rambo, Jeffrey Brooks, Roadie Jenkins, Arden Hornsby, Sydney Gee, Kricket Senghas, Penny Retzloff, Cosmo Zimmerman, Grizzly Hardwick, Tucker Whitehurst, Mila Goranson, Sophie Chappell, Maggie Schuler, Ringo Garland, Reese O’Barr, Emma Acton, Summer Banu, Forest Henderson, Onyx Kallman, Chloe Morrison, Houie Gross, Gromit Gatewood, Olive Kelley, Milo Jennings, Rigby Eiden, Griff Pascal.

All will be remembered fondly.

Each one to two months, we do these remembrances and people often tells us how much they appreciate them. They still miss their pets dearly. It’s not an uncommon sentiment and we thought the following article nicely examined the topic. Losing a pet