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The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand

ikeSo last week, I heard our receptionist Erin call to the back “Can somebody please come up front and wand this dog?” For some reason the whole scenario struck me as funny. In a period of about 90 seconds I imagined a Labrador going through a TSA checkpoint and getting busted trying to smuggle a contraband rawhide onto his flight. That quickly morphed into a chihuahua dueling a Great Dane Harry Potter-style and then faded to an Aussie Shepherd doing magic tricks at a breakneck pace… Fortunately, while I was daydreaming other members of our staff were doing their jobs and what happened next truly was magic…

Ignoring my glassy stare, our veterinary technician Laura came to the lobby and found this handsome Schnauzer Ike. Ike, you see, had decided the spring weather was just right for a solo walkabout. A good Samaritan noticed that Ike was not walking a human, picked him up and brought him to Shady Grove. Laura activated the magic wand, which is really a microchip checker and found that fortunately, Ike had a chip. Within 15 minutes Ike had been reunited with his owners, who were understandably quite frantic at the prospects of walking about solo.

Microchips are an inexpensive, simple way to make sure you find your pet should they every go walkabout. Almost all vet clinics, shelters and animal control divisions carry microchip checkers and a simple “wanding” can start the reunification process. Several times a month our clinic helps pets find their owners with the magic wand.

Thanks Ike for reminding us about this simple but important device. If any of you would like more information about chipping your pet, please give us a call!