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May Remembrances

May Remembrances

In May we said goodbye to the following cherished pets:

Caragh Towey, Bear Heath, Dori Lee Livernois, Sweet Pea Langberg, Lexie Mitchell, Lucky White, Sasha Thurman, CeCelia Kolokowsky, JJ Dale, Gabby Warren, Rocky Nicholas, Tobias Bruning, Maggie Tittermary, Ralph Rajappa, Jacob Meyer, Buz Calvaneso, Chloe Braine Tillem, Pie Wallace, Juliet Watkinson, Cleo Ackerman, Muffin Copenhaver, Shady Elliott, Trunks Kenney, James Kowal, Sasha Carroll.

They will be remembered fondly.

2 Responses

  1. Missy Haggai says:

    Thank you for doing this Dr. Lucas! I didn’t realize you did this memorial. But, looked back and saw you remembered Casey last year. Means a lot to the families you take care of that you care so much! Thank you!

  2. Belinda Carroll says:

    Wanted to send a big thanks to the SGAC for all your help, support and kindness through the years. From Sasha’s first visit after we got her from the SPCA, to her very young diagnosis of kidney disease to her recent end. She had a solid run of around 10 years with a great quality of life due to your help, support amd coaching. Words escape me to express how touched and humbled we were to receive your card after her passing. And we’d also like to say we appreciate so much how the service that handled her remains, did so in such a thoughtful and caring way. Thanks for understanding that folks lose a precious part of their family with the passing of a pet. Keep doing what you’re doing bc you all really have it figured out! 🙂 The Carroll Family

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