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ExaminationWe tailor exams to the life-stage and needs of each pet. Puppies and kittens receive a series of exams for vaccinations, dewormings and to monitor growth and development. These exams are also a time to discuss appropriate care and training for these new family members. If they have been healthy, adult dogs and cats are checked once a year. They receive vaccine boosters and have stool and blood checked for parasites. Senior animals have biannual examinations, allowing our doctors to check for common geriatric problems such as unexpected weight loss, vision deficits and mobility issues. Often their vaccines are modified based on their lifestyle.


Oral health is extremely important in the general wellness of our pets. A diseased mouth can be uncomfortable and can lead to broader problems. Shady Grove offers a full dentistry service from routine cleanings to extractions of infected or damaged teeth.

Dental Before     Dental After


SurgeryShady Grove has a dedicated, surgery suite with modern anesthesia and monitoring devices. During a procedure your pet has a licensed veterinary technician monitoring heart rhythms, oxygenation and blood pressure. Our vets perform spays, neuters and many soft tissue and orthopedic procedures.


LaserA non-invasive, pain-free therapy used to reduce inflammation, swelling and discomfort and to speed healing. Many patients use the laser to combat arthritis, and others have used it to mitigate the effects of painful ear and mouth infections.


Shady Grove’s skilled technicians are available by appointment for nail trims, anal gland expressions, kennel cough vaccines and other minor procedures.


MicrochipShady Grove can implant your animal with a Home Again Microchip. The chip, which is the size of a rice grain, is implanted under the skin and allows your animal to be identified and reunited with you should it ever go missing.