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In the last three months, we have said goodbye to some very special pets. We remember: Chloe Davis, Piglet Garland, Joey Williams, Maddie Cyr, Same Eudailey, Rocky Cohn, Noah McShane, Casey Remus, Chloe Giegerich, Mandy Kenny, Gordy Barlow, Kasi Shults, Morgan Grainer, Wolf Condrey, Hurley Hague, Charlie Hogerty, Moe Spurrier, Marvin Jay, Malarky Sanders, Lulu…
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October/November Remembrances

In October and November our Shady Grove Animal Clinic family said goodbye to some very special pets. We remember the following with fondness: Bosco O’Connor, Ruby Davies, Montana Strine, Cleo Mathews, Max Simpson, Amos Higgins, Georgie Rosel, Harry Corey, Keaton Callahan, Cassie Schleicher, Teddy Kirby, Chewie Prillaman, Wilson Austin, Zoe Beike, Fiona Lambert, Holden Hornsby,…
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Summer Remembrances

This summer we were saddened to say goodbye to some very special pets. We fondly remember: Christina Eary, Pickle Pickle Gralow, Belle Tuck, Lucy Linkous, Trooper Eades, Izzy Beasley, Daisy Bragg, Willy Wonka Thornley, Chipper Jones Lachine, Scottie Shull, Ziggy Snyder, Boo Petrie, Tinka Johnson, Monty Goranson, Tiger Lilly Morrell, Sammy Alpert, Cocoa D/Antonio, Rocky…
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March/April Remembrances

In the last two months we said goodbye to several beloved pets. They include: Mac Stevens, Spook Muscolino, Gizmo Casey, Toby Berkowitz, Sibo McKenna, Sam Hapgood, Lexie Wagner, Lucy Stuckey, Toby Hall, Madeline Davies, Nena Coqueta Liceaga, Zachius Elliott, Hallie Elliott, Marley Gonzalez, Oliver Lubin, Sophie Emerson, Sierra Barzel, Topaz Sly, Killian Guarino, Moses Diatelevi,…
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January/February Remembrances

In January and February we said goodbye to the following treasured pets: Jack Cowie, Exley Thornton, Teddy Apelt, Skittles Hu, Roxie Dawson, Amber Pearsall, Barney Harris, Dassler Philyaw, Jingles Jerina, Roscoe Cohen, Sadie Steveson, Abbie Steveson, Duke Morgan, Rambler Muscolino, Andy Parker, Charlie Barber, Kit Jay, Marble Jay, Nala Gordon, Addison Magorian, Lizzie Herkins, Hunter…
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Holiday Pet Food Drive

With the first lunch of leftover turkey and stuffing sitting safely in the SGAC work fridge, I suppose it’s safe to assume that the holidays are upon us. That means it’s time for lights, music and, my own personal favorite — ┬átelevision commercials featuring luxury cars with big red bows driving through a lot of…
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No Day at the Beach

A few short weeks ago, one of our veterinarians asked me to look at something. They slid a blue bowl across the table inside of which I found more than 40 smooth, shiny stones. The rocks varied in size from sand grain to hen’s egg. They might have been found on the shores of Lake…
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