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May/June Remembrances

I apologize for the late posting, but we need to remember the following special pets who left us in the months of May and June. Their memories will always be close.   Bud White, Laura Gerstenschlager, Aria Gerstenschlager, Garfield Warren, Summit Austin, Katie Maher, Gus Snowberger, Ned O’Neill, Lewis Tittermary, Abby Handschuh, Tigger Pitts, Reno…
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February Remembrances

In February we said goodbye to the following special pets: Sassy Derby, Celia Cogbill, Romeo Garland, Smokey Hogerty, Elsa Johnson, Midnight Reszitnyk, Duffy Bowen, Callie Gruszynski, Simba Walters, Taylor Pope, Pooh Cat Smith, Bailey Hastings, Scotty Buie,Jazz Hubbard, Winslow Fehl, Phoenix West, Beamer Plageman, Precious Barnett, George Snipes, Jupiter Higgins, Tigger Crowder-Taylor. We will remember…
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We’re Not Chicken

There is no ordinary day at SGAC. We once had a technician carry an injured deer fawn into the clinic. Then there was the cat that had become stuck in a log, necessitating a frantic scramble for a hacksaw so that we could free the poor thing. And of course, I once came back from…
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