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Tag: veterinary

Summer Remembrances

This summer we were saddened to say goodbye to some very special pets. We fondly remember: Christina Eary, Pickle Pickle Gralow, Belle Tuck, Lucy Linkous, Trooper Eades, Izzy Beasley, Daisy Bragg, Willy Wonka Thornley, Chipper Jones Lachine, Scottie Shull, Ziggy Snyder, Boo Petrie, Tinka Johnson, Monty Goranson, Tiger Lilly Morrell, Sammy Alpert, Cocoa D/Antonio, Rocky…
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We’re Not Chicken

There is no ordinary day at SGAC. We once had a technician carry an injured deer fawn into the clinic. Then there was the cat that had become stuck in a log, necessitating a frantic scramble for a hacksaw so that we could free the poor thing. And of course, I once came back from…
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No Day at the Beach

A few short weeks ago, one of our veterinarians asked me to look at something. They slid a blue bowl across the table inside of which I found more than 40 smooth, shiny stones. The rocks varied in size from sand grain to hen’s egg. They might have been found on the shores of Lake…
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